Is your media agency truly a partner in, and an extension of, your business?


JSML’s media professionals take the time to understand the marketing needs of our clients. We are equally comfortable interacting with corporate or product ad managers, media directors, and market research departments. We even help interpret sales data.

And it doesn’t end there. We care about what happens after the media is placed: the impact on your company.

  How much attention does your agency pay to media? Can they give you instant tracking of your media budget?

Two-thirds or more of a company’s ad dollars are typically allocated to media. At a full-service agency, however, media is rarely the top priority.

At JSML, we are media experts: media is all we do. Direct-to-client service is our specialty, yet we integrate ourselves with your current agency partners.

Ultimately, we watch your money as if it is our own, negotiate hard, and provide complete accountability. Ask to see a copy of our Budget Book.

  Does your media team make your job easier? Do they make you look better?

You should get more than boxes on a flowchart. Our role is to give you the best strategic media recommendations to achieve your goals.

JSML’s reasonable fees include comprehensive support and all the media research you require. We do our homework, respect your time, stay flexible, and keep you informed. All to help you do your job more efficiently.

  Can your media partner deliver on YOUR timetable instead of theirs?

JSML’s hallmark is responsiveness. You have a meeting in an hour and need an answer now! You don’t want excuses. You want and deserve to have your questions answered quickly and thoroughly, with no negative attitude.

You need information for a “what-if” scenario. Maybe there is a big announcement coming and you need to have your ads placed on a moment’s notice. This is where JSML delivers.


  Does it seem like media people always speak in a foreign language?

We forego tedious mediaspeak, respond in layman’s terms, and explain things well. Our clients are comfortable asking us about the difference between a GRP and a TRP, for example, and they get answers that are understandable and easy to relay to their team.

Our media professionals do not speak strictly in acronyms. Clients of JSML Media thank us for speaking their language, without forcing them to speak ours.

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